Professional Property Management

We are dedicated to delivering Professional Management. Our attention to detail along with our proven management systems enables us to maximize the Financial Performance of every property we manage. Our cumulative experience, knowledge and commitment to customer service enables our firm to achieve success for our clients.

Financial Reporting

The foundation of property management is keeping meticulous financial records. We have made the commitment to invest in top of the line property management software that provides our clients with an immense array of property income and expense reports, while at the same time providing our management team with advanced tools in tracking key financial indicators, analyzing maintenance costs, setting reserves, and forecasting budgets. We are able to generate up to the minute detailed tenant statements, create notifications and track late payments for those who might fall into that category. Every financial detail is audited for accuracy and completion. Our comprehensive accounting system provides us with extensive tools and advanced techniques providing more opportunities to maximize the operations of the properties we manage.

Customer Relations

Providing friendly, prompt, and accurate service may be the single most important exercise we engage in on a daily basis. We are humbly aware that we are selling a product in a market where the competition is plentiful, and where the customer has many choices. It is our intention to make a difference to every person we come in contact with. We want to be known as the friendliest, and most responsive management company in town. Giving great customer service is our best and most cost effective advertising, and people who have a positive experience with us will tell their friends. We believe that good word of mouth will give us an advantage in increasing tenant retention, as well as provide us with an additional avenue of access to new qualified tenants. The bottom line is, the better service we provide, the broader our market base becomes, allowing us greater productivity in bringing results to our clients.

Tenant Screening

Our tenant screening technique includes a 3-tiered process that is designed to enable us to choose the best tenants from any pool of applicants. We run specialized credit reports that not only track consumer payment history, but also alert us to previous evictions, civil money judgments, government liens, and criminal activity. We want to see 5 years of favorable rental history reflected by positive feed back from landlords of previous rentals. Affordability is an absolute, so we set the minimum earnings qualification at 3 times the rent. When we find a tenant that meets or surpasses our criteria, we are very confident that we have located a tenant who will pay their rent on time, be respectful to others, and be good stewards of the property.

Legal Ease

We have developed a lease agreement that has been tailored and perfected for over 20 years. The strength of our written lease agreement is one of our most effective tools. It complies with State and Federal laws as well as Fair Housing regulations. It contains disclosures for lead based paint, Megan’s law, noise ordinances, mold notifications, and crime free activity. Most importantly we utilize our lease to clearly spell out tenant responsibilities of conduct, responsibilities of upkeep, and their duty to repair or pay for damages they have caused. Our lease agreement sets the tone for each resident, it is the basis from which we enforce and maintain controls of each tenancy, and provides us the mandate to efficiently maximize the performance of the property.

Property Protection

We take special pride in our ability to meet or exceed the expectations of care of each property we manage. We implement solid maintenance programs that are designed, managed, and scrutinized by a cost/benefit analysis. We maintain and audit a Property Activity Report Log which indicates date of initial call, response date and action plans implemented to resolve each maintenance issue. A thorough inspection of each property is conducted on an annual basis, as well as upon each vacancy. We have implemented a check and balance cost control system that is designed to have at least three team members review each service, and the payment of that service for all property maintenance calls. Our clients know that a well planned maintenance program helps provide greater tenant retention, stronger marketability, and brings added value to their property.