Owner Guarantees


Our family owned business has been serving the community since 1983, so you know we will be here tomorrow and always with honest, relationship based service.

Placement Fee Guarantee

You do not pay us a placement fee until we have a signed lease and money paid from the tenant.

Tenant Placement Guarantee

 If we place a tenant and they break their lease during the first 12 months, we will re-rent it for free.

Rental Deposit Guarantee

We know you want your money fast! We will ACH your tenant rent into your account by the 12th day of each month.

Response Time Guarantee

Nobody likes waiting for a response, that is why we Promise to respond to all communication with 48 business hours.

Pet Damage Guarantee

Our pet screening is so tight, we will personally reimburse you up to $1,000 if pet damage should occur.